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How to promote your buiness with the best free advertising ideas
The purpose of this site is to share some of the various free online advertising methods for promoting our products or offers that we want to make money with. I realise that many people are trying to work online to supplement their incomes just to pay their bills, as the cost of living continues to rise.

Many people find themselves in a situation like I have been in, where you have no choice financially but to have to try and find free alternatives for how to promote your business. You need to find free advertising sites online that actually can help you and arent all hype. But that can be a hassle. It's not always an easy task looking for good, reliable methods with great results this way. But in many cases if you look long enough and hard enough you will find some really useful ideas. I have been doing just that for a few years now. I have been fortunate enough to find and learn a few great ways of free advertising online that I would like to share.

I hope you find the free ideas here on how to market your business online useful to you. All I ask is that if you like them, they help you or even save you some time, please feel free to share them with others by giving them a link to this site. Cheers.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Great way for passive free banner advertising

I found a great way to get passive free banner credits. I really like free banner advertising because it's pretty much a set and forget way of advertising, as long as you are feeding them credits of course.

 Banner VIP
Well, there is a way to set up exactly that on a great little site called Banner VIP. It's one of Maryanne Myers sites, a very accomplished internet marketer who runs dozens of very popular and highly successful sites.

So what you do first after joining is place your banners on the site. You are allowed to put four 468 X 60 banners and three 125 X 125 banners in the available slots as a free member. Next you will want to get some credits for the banners.

You can do this a couple of ways. From the main members area, scroll down the page (I dont know why, but all the important menu items are placed near the bottom of the page) to where it says 'view banners'. If you click this you will see you can view the peoples banner ads their corresponding websites to earn credits after the timer has counted down.

Keep an eye on the top bar on the left as it will sometime tell you you have won extra credits or how many more clicks you need before you can get another ticket. You collect tickets to go into a weekly prize pool where you could win 25,000 credits. You also get one ticket free everyday you login. Go to the 'winners circle' to check if you have a prize to claim.

The part that interested me most about the site is this. Go to 'Get Banner Widget' from the main menu. Here is where you follow the instructions and copy and paste your 1 line of code (it is coded with your username so you get the credits) into your webpage.

Now every time that it is shown, you'll earn 1/4th of a credit automatically. This happens to be one of my best free advertising ideas because of how easy it is to set up and how effective it is. Thousands of free banner ads, now who wouln't want that, right? If you dont have a website, maybe give it some thought and start a blogsite for free, like I have done with this one :).

Best Free Advertising Ideas

All it takes is an idea of what interests you and what you would be happy writing about. It will take a little time to setup, but longterm it will pay off with many ways to benefit from it.

If you are looking for a much larger scale banner advertising, check out Free Banner Hits to learn more. While you are there, you can also check out the page on the best free manual traffic exchanges which has many tips and useful info to go through. It even shows how to get free credits on some of them with out clicking. Check it out.

Hope you found it useful.

Best free manual traffic exchanges


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