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How to promote your buiness with the best free advertising ideas
The purpose of this site is to share some of the various free online advertising methods for promoting our products or offers that we want to make money with. I realise that many people are trying to work online to supplement their incomes just to pay their bills, as the cost of living continues to rise.

Many people find themselves in a situation like I have been in, where you have no choice financially but to have to try and find free alternatives for how to promote your business. You need to find free advertising sites online that actually can help you and arent all hype. But that can be a hassle. It's not always an easy task looking for good, reliable methods with great results this way. But in many cases if you look long enough and hard enough you will find some really useful ideas. I have been doing just that for a few years now. I have been fortunate enough to find and learn a few great ways of free advertising online that I would like to share.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More traffic and commisions for free with the Downliner


More traffic and commisions for free

Do you like free? Of course, thats why we are all here right? How about more traffic AND commisions while you get that traffic - for FREE?!

You need to have a look at the many benefits a new program called The Downliner has to offer both its' paid and free members.

Most people would agree that we all need more traffic but not everyone has the time or resources to get it.The Downliner has been designed first and foremost to be the most user friendly site for cooperative traffic. Typically, you should be able to get set up and have your site in the system within five minutes.

How the Downliner Coop works is that once you have joined, you will find under the affiliate tools tab your Downliner Cooperative Link. You copy this link and display this on your traffic exchange sites and then you will earn credits. The advantage is you only have to put this one link on all of the traffic exchanges you usually work with. When you set up a site in the Downliner and assign credits to it under the campaign tab, your ad will potentially be displayed on over 4000 exchanges.

When you are continually advertising on traffic exchanges, on some of them the problem is that your ads could become ineffective as the target audience could be relatively small. Soon, they get used to seeing your ads and then ignore them.

The advantage with a traffic coop is the 'reach' they have with the target audience. Just imagine for a moment what kind of reach the Downliner has when thinking of all the thousands of members from every one of those 4000 sites all potentially putting their eyeballs on your ads! Pretty big, right?

 Earn commissions from anyone you refer to the site and on sales.


Even as a free Downliner member you earn traffic and commissions. You will get a referral link to display on traffic exchanges or in your safelists that is specifically targeted to attract new members. When they join, you earn. If they decide to buy extra traffic credits - you earn. If they stay in the program as a monthly paid member - you earn recurring income!

It is certainly possible and not too difficult to be able to build up your income quite nicely here as well as your traffic. If you get a few paying referrals, you could even choose to upgrade and enjoy a huge amount more of traffic and options that this well though out program has to offer.

The cooperative link has a bar across the top of the screen when displayed and it has a link to the Downliner program embedded with your ID, so if anyone clicks it while watching the ad, they will join under you.

Social networking feature

One particularly useful feature of the Downliner is the fact that you add a social post. You enter you website url and the text you want to display. You can even add an image, and then you choose how long you want to display your ad for, up to a maximum length of 30 days. You click submit when you are sure all the details are correct and have to wait a short while for approval. After your social post is approved it will be sent out to various Facebook groups as well as to Twitter and Linked in. The admin does a good job and is alway fairly prompt in approving the ads, usually within an hour or two.

For those of you who are struggling to promote a website, a blog, an offer page or even a post, you probably know already that this is a great way to get traffic to your site and also get exposure with social signals that can help the rankings for that page in the search engines. This is a massive feature of the program, and one that really makes the Downliner stand out from other traffic exchanges or Coops'.

 Other forms of available advertising on the Downliner

You are also able to display banner and text ads. The banner ad sizes that are supported are 468 x 60 and 125 x 125. Again you advertise these on the Downliner network by using your credits to select what time duration you want. You can choose from 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

Key points of the Downliner

- You earn commissions on referrals and their purchases even as a free member
- Recurring monthly income
- Social networking feature - promote your site and get more traffic to it
- You only have to use one (or two) link across all your traffic exchanges
- You can start as a free member and build up enough to become a paid member, earning even more commisions and traffic

In conclusion

I started out as a free member, as I am very cautious to buy into anything after a few past bad experiences. After seeing how popular this is becoming and how quickly it is growing, it became obvious that it was a good program to promote and get referrals in. When you start seeing the referrals join and get a few commisions you will realise how powerful and useful the Downliner is. The convenience of not always having to constantly manage hundreds of links is a big plus too. These advantages all added up to me being able to make an easy decision and finally upgrade. I am happy I have done so, and am using this outstanding program to it's full potential. Even as an upgraded member, I still have no doubt in recommending this program as something to benefit free members greatly and would suggest you take a little time and check it out for yourself.

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