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How to find the best free online advertising ideas

How to promote your buiness with the best free advertising ideas
The purpose of this site is to share some of the various free online advertising methods for promoting our products or offers that we want to make money with. I realise that many people are trying to work online to supplement their incomes just to pay their bills, as the cost of living continues to rise.

Many people find themselves in a situation like I have been in, where you have no choice financially but to have to try and find free alternatives for how to promote your business. You need to find free advertising sites online that actually can help you and arent all hype. But that can be a hassle. It's not always an easy task looking for good, reliable methods with great results this way. But in many cases if you look long enough and hard enough you will find some really useful ideas. I have been doing just that for a few years now. I have been fortunate enough to find and learn a few great ways of free advertising online that I would like to share.

I hope you find the free ideas here on how to market your business online useful to you. All I ask is that if you like them, they help you or even save you some time, please feel free to share them with others by giving them a link to this site. Cheers.

Friday, January 6, 2017

8 Ways to Advertise for Free on the Internet For Unlimited Traffic

Do you need great ad campaigns and resources to make your brand known? It would certainly be much easier to get it done for you by professionals. But that of course would be convenient, but usually a very costly exercise.

free advertising online

Fear not though, as we believe that there are other alternatives (free advertising sites) that allow free Internet advertising and show you many ways on how to promote your business efficiently on the Internet. Read on to uncover 8 Ways to Advertise for Free on the Internet For Unlimited Traffic that will certainly give  your business a boost

1. Classified Ads:

Many sites on the internet offer free classified ad posting. Some most popular examples are

These sites are directories that work like a kind of yellow pages, ranking your ads in regions and categories. This is great as this kind of layout also helps people to better remember what they searched for, where they found it, and hopefully the name of your business. If you post your ads in the same place regularly, they certainly should be able to find their way back to you anyway even if they forgot your brand or business name the first time.

As a webmaster, entrepreneur, online marketer, SEO expert, and owner of a specific blog, you will be looking for all possible ways of getting free online advertising and generating free traffic. And because you know how important it is that your website or blog should be full of organic traffic, you will need to use all the methods possible to attract real visitors.

In other words, what you are really looking for is those kind of visitors who keep coming back to the website quite often and not those who come in once in a blue moon and then disappear forever.

In this regard, if you have not taken advantage of the potential that the classified ads have, you could be missing a tremendous opportunity. With these kind of ads, you should be able to see a definite increase in the traffic they send to your website given some time. All serious people who read your ad after searching, are a good possibility for you from the point of view of traffic.

Organic traffic or recurring visits from actual visitors can be considered a set trust for your website and possibly for the business. Classifieds ads are a phenomenal way to send a great message to potential customers in a few words and get their attention. 

You should of course include a hyperlink to your home site with your ads, which makes them more effective in a few ways. Your potential customers can click through to your website and also you have a link in the ad pointing to your site that the search engines will eventually pick up and this will help your site profile with them.

So say for example, your site is dedicated to artificial jewelry. Everyone who trades American, Italian or Indian jewelry could also be interested in taking a look at what your site has to offer. Now here is a powerful thing that you may wish to take advantage of! You could advertise your website is dedicated to jewelry, and you could state that it welcomes Classified ads on it for other forms of jewelry, diamonds, rhinestones, gemstones, etc. You could make it a condition of advertising on your site, that other jewellery site owners put an ad with your link on their sites.

Your site becomes more interesting to people looking at your ad, as no doubt they want more traffic too. In this way, it creates a platform for entrepreneurs to come and place free ads and promote your business. Above all, it is logical because these operators know that they are advertising their products and their business in the right place. In other words, this free advertising site becomes worthy for online shoppers as well as sellers.

If the question is how are these classified ads going to improve traffic, the answer is very simple. It is in the value of the commercial interest that is generated. Buyers who have placed their ads on your website would be tracking the number of visits that your ads receive per day. Whenever they come back to check the quality of what the ads are doing, this is an opportunity for your site to make itself known in the search engines. And again, this is an important fact that shouldn't be overlooked.

 This gives a general idea of how to market your business or perhaps what good Classifieds ads networks such as OLX or some others can do in traffic building.

2. Press Coverage:

Encouraging the press to speak freely of your company can have an unthinkable impact. This can be achieved by sending information through press releases that catch the attention of readers.
In addition, many journalists have their own blogs or sites to which you can send an email with your news. You can also try some sites run by writers to share it with their followers. Once you have wriiten up an overview of your business desribing what it is about and what you provide, then it is a matter of passing it on to those blogs or sites and seeing if they will publish it. The worst thing is if they don't, but dont give up. Keep trying with this method, often as sooner of later you will get results.

3. Create a Blog:

Having or owning your own blog is an effective way to get new audiences, keep the one you already have and relate to them.
As long as you have the time and dedication, a blog will allow you to share content of interest and also, with a little creativity, you can generate an important competitive advantage over your competition. Over time, it will become a lot more powerful it how it is seen in the search engines, as long as you are regularly posting interesting content that people want to read or learn from. 

When it becomes quite established and you are getting a good amount of traffic, you can introduce some offers or articles pointing to your other business website or even just have the relevant content on part of your blog. The possibilites with a blog and limitless. It does take time to build it up, but the potential pay off in traffic, sales and income can be huge if managed well.

4. Participate in Related Forums:

Forums are a great way to advertise for free on the internet. Look for the forums that have close relation to your business and your audience, since that is where your company will attract more attention and could gain potential customers.

Participates in them and publish interesting, relevant information that contributes to the conversation. Each content can be an opportunity to share the link to your site. Unless it is a purely commercial forum, try to leave your link in a subtle way, and always do it with the intention of sharing relevant information with the readers. You want to build trust with others when they see what you contribute. Offer something of value to them. Put yourself in their shoes. What would they like to know or read about that will help them? What would they find useful? 

To search for forums specifically, it is quite easy. In google, say you want to find cat forums for example. You would type in the searchbar -   cats + forums  

5. Advertising Exchange:

Partnerships with other companies that are not competitive is an initiative that usually increases marketing results. In these alliances on how to promote your business, you can exchange advertising and even advertise together some products or services.
A very common example of this practice is to exchange links on the websites of both companies.
For this, you must contact the administrator of that page, either by sending an email or through the contact form. 

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Implementing SEO can be the difference between users never knowing about your business and your site receiving thousands of hits every week. So powerful is this method. 

If you are planning on making or developing your own website or blog, it is something you seriously should consider investing some of your time in to learn about. You could spend a small fortune quickly getting people to do SEO tasks on your sites, that really could be done by yourself with just a moderate amount of learning. The good news is that if you are sure this is something you want to get into, you can find a few great sources (or goldmines) of information for free. 

Check out Brian Dean at backlinko dot com. Brian has and continues to help litterally thousands of people starting out with SEO. You can learn so much from him in a short time for free. He does it in a uniquely funny and always interesting way, which leaves you always wanting to learn more.  

Another great guy from learning about many things SEO related is Franklin Hatchet. You can find him at onlinedimes dot com and he also has a great youtube channel with hundreds of really informative videos to help you. You can spend a bit of time going through them and picking up the information, but it is worth it in the long run with the benefits you will gain.
Organic web positioning means that sites improve their appearance in search engine results like Google. Learning about optimizing their design, structure and content in an SEO friendly way is sure  to attract the attention of users and the search engines themselves.

free advertising ideas 

7. Banner advertising

Banner advertising is often overlooked by many people these days, but can be an extremely powerful advertisng tool if you know how to harness it. It isnt too difficult to make your own banner for your blog or website. There are many free programs you can fiind with a quick search that will allow you to do so.

Your banner(s) doesnt have to be too flashy, but give some thought to the wording people will see. If possible, you want something to capture their attention within a few seconds. While you are looking around the internet, as an exercise pay attention to the banners you see. Which ones cpture your attention and why? Maybe you will see some that inspire you for how you want to make yours look.

A great thing about banners is that once you have set them up somewhere, they continually run 24 / 7 for you. You can use this set and forget type of advertising after reading this post to learn more. To learn about getting thousands of free banner credits check out this one. It explains the process in detail.

Its a proven fact that many people don't even notice many ads until they have seen them about 6 or 7 times. Then they may click on a link or a banner to check out your site or offer. I make it a habit of placing my banners in at least 4 or 5 new places every week. I am always looking for new places or traffic sites to put them and get them noticed. This is an extremely powerful way of increasing your brand profile and getting more traffic.


8. Use Social Networks

Social Networks are becoming more relevant in marketing on how to promote your business. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, among others, means being close to your customers and millions of consumers. The tools offered by these sites allow you to get to know many people and share information quickly.



All of these 8 free advertising techniques described in this article only take your time to implement them. If you follow these tips for free advertising online, your online store will run optimally, and you will shorten the time to get a good ranking of your site. You can now make your diagnosis and choose the best free advertising ideas that best suits your online store or whatever. Do not wait any longer

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More traffic and commisions for free with the Downliner


More traffic and commisions for free

Do you like free? Of course, thats why we are all here right? How about more traffic AND commisions while you get that traffic - for FREE?!

You need to have a look at the many benefits a new program called The Downliner has to offer both its' paid and free members.

Most people would agree that we all need more traffic but not everyone has the time or resources to get it.The Downliner has been designed first and foremost to be the most user friendly site for cooperative traffic. Typically, you should be able to get set up and have your site in the system within five minutes.

How the Downliner Coop works is that once you have joined, you will find under the affiliate tools tab your Downliner Cooperative Link. You copy this link and display this on your traffic exchange sites and then you will earn credits. The advantage is you only have to put this one link on all of the traffic exchanges you usually work with. When you set up a site in the Downliner and assign credits to it under the campaign tab, your ad will potentially be displayed on over 4000 exchanges.

When you are continually advertising on traffic exchanges, on some of them the problem is that your ads could become ineffective as the target audience could be relatively small. Soon, they get used to seeing your ads and then ignore them.

The advantage with a traffic coop is the 'reach' they have with the target audience. Just imagine for a moment what kind of reach the Downliner has when thinking of all the thousands of members from every one of those 4000 sites all potentially putting their eyeballs on your ads! Pretty big, right?

 Earn commissions from anyone you refer to the site and on sales.


Even as a free Downliner member you earn traffic and commissions. You will get a referral link to display on traffic exchanges or in your safelists that is specifically targeted to attract new members. When they join, you earn. If they decide to buy extra traffic credits - you earn. If they stay in the program as a monthly paid member - you earn recurring income!

It is certainly possible and not too difficult to be able to build up your income quite nicely here as well as your traffic. If you get a few paying referrals, you could even choose to upgrade and enjoy a huge amount more of traffic and options that this well though out program has to offer.

The cooperative link has a bar across the top of the screen when displayed and it has a link to the Downliner program embedded with your ID, so if anyone clicks it while watching the ad, they will join under you.

Social networking feature

One particularly useful feature of the Downliner is the fact that you add a social post. You enter you website url and the text you want to display. You can even add an image, and then you choose how long you want to display your ad for, up to a maximum length of 30 days. You click submit when you are sure all the details are correct and have to wait a short while for approval. After your social post is approved it will be sent out to various Facebook groups as well as to Twitter and Linked in. The admin does a good job and is alway fairly prompt in approving the ads, usually within an hour or two.

For those of you who are struggling to promote a website, a blog, an offer page or even a post, you probably know already that this is a great way to get traffic to your site and also get exposure with social signals that can help the rankings for that page in the search engines. This is a massive feature of the program, and one that really makes the Downliner stand out from other traffic exchanges or Coops'.

 Other forms of available advertising on the Downliner

You are also able to display banner and text ads. The banner ad sizes that are supported are 468 x 60 and 125 x 125. Again you advertise these on the Downliner network by using your credits to select what time duration you want. You can choose from 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

Key points of the Downliner

- You earn commissions on referrals and their purchases even as a free member
- Recurring monthly income
- Social networking feature - promote your site and get more traffic to it
- You only have to use one (or two) link across all your traffic exchanges
- You can start as a free member and build up enough to become a paid member, earning even more commisions and traffic

In conclusion

I started out as a free member, as I am very cautious to buy into anything after a few past bad experiences. After seeing how popular this is becoming and how quickly it is growing, it became obvious that it was a good program to promote and get referrals in. When you start seeing the referrals join and get a few commisions you will realise how powerful and useful the Downliner is. The convenience of not always having to constantly manage hundreds of links is a big plus too. These advantages all added up to me being able to make an easy decision and finally upgrade. I am happy I have done so, and am using this outstanding program to it's full potential. Even as an upgraded member, I still have no doubt in recommending this program as something to benefit free members greatly and would suggest you take a little time and check it out for yourself.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The best free manual traffic exchanges to join and earn credits from

best free traffic exchanges

Traffic exchanges are a good free way to get traffic to your offers if you have a little time to spare and dont mind a little clicking. But if you look around, you'll quickly see there are thousands of traffic exchanges on the net, so how do you go about finding a good one? Does it matter, like aren't they all mostly the same ? Well they certainly aren’t all the same. There can be many cool benefits but equally many disadvantages to the different TE sites out there. I certainly have joined one or two duds in my time using them. So how can we find a few good ones without wasting too much time?

The way i go about finding some good reliable ones to choose and use, is I quickly go through some rating or review sites and try out a few for myself to see if I like what they have to offer. This is the quickest and most convenient way to save you time. For example this site here has a top 10 list of feature rated best free manual traffic exchanges that you can quickly read and learn about to help you choose from.

You’ll find a lot of details about what features and functionalities end-users should look out for when trying to determine what are the best free traffic exchange sites to join. You will quickly come to see that they certainly aren’t all the same in what they have to offer us in terms of value and in saving us time.
It really just takes is a bit of time and patience reading and learning about them. 

If you can find some trustworthy peoples recommendations, that will save you heaps of time allowing you to get on with whats really impotant - promoting your offers or sites. The next step is joining some and learning their basic features to see if they suit your needs and wants, and if you find one that you join and after a while you don't like it so much, you can always leave it and find a replacement quickly through this quick way of selection. Time is important after all.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Great way for passive free banner advertising

I found a great way to get passive free banner credits. I really like free banner advertising because it's pretty much a set and forget way of advertising, as long as you are feeding them credits of course.

 Banner VIP
Well, there is a way to set up exactly that on a great little site called Banner VIP. It's one of Maryanne Myers sites, a very accomplished internet marketer who runs dozens of very popular and highly successful sites.

So what you do first after joining is place your banners on the site. You are allowed to put four 468 X 60 banners and three 125 X 125 banners in the available slots as a free member. Next you will want to get some credits for the banners.

You can do this a couple of ways. From the main members area, scroll down the page (I dont know why, but all the important menu items are placed near the bottom of the page) to where it says 'view banners'. If you click this you will see you can view the peoples banner ads their corresponding websites to earn credits after the timer has counted down.

Keep an eye on the top bar on the left as it will sometime tell you you have won extra credits or how many more clicks you need before you can get another ticket. You collect tickets to go into a weekly prize pool where you could win 25,000 credits. You also get one ticket free everyday you login. Go to the 'winners circle' to check if you have a prize to claim.

The part that interested me most about the site is this. Go to 'Get Banner Widget' from the main menu. Here is where you follow the instructions and copy and paste your 1 line of code (it is coded with your username so you get the credits) into your webpage.

Now every time that it is shown, you'll earn 1/4th of a credit automatically. This happens to be one of my best free advertising ideas because of how easy it is to set up and how effective it is. Thousands of free banner ads, now who wouln't want that, right? If you dont have a website, maybe give it some thought and start a blogsite for free, like I have done with this one :).

Best Free Advertising Ideas

All it takes is an idea of what interests you and what you would be happy writing about. It will take a little time to setup, but longterm it will pay off with many ways to benefit from it.

If you are looking for a much larger scale banner advertising, check out Free Banner Hits to learn more. While you are there, you can also check out the page on the best free manual traffic exchanges which has many tips and useful info to go through. It even shows how to get free credits on some of them with out clicking. Check it out.

Hope you found it useful.

Best free manual traffic exchanges


Friday, September 4, 2015

Get thousands of free banner credits every week

best free advertising ideas

So how useful would it be for you to have thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of free banner hits each week? Banner advertising is underestimated by many people in my opinion. But think about it for a minute. You setup a banner somewhere, assign some credits to it and leave it to do its job. It keeps working away for you, advertising online for free 24/7, for as long as the credits last. Now what if you could get a near endless supply of banner credits? Interesting.. right?

Don't think it possible? Well think again. It certainly is possible. It does take a little time to set this up but you can do it for free and before too long you will see literally thousands of free banner credits rolling in.

How does it work? Basically you will be shown how to grab a little snippet of HTML code ( dont worry - its' not difficult, just copy and paste stuff ) and you will place it on your website. If you dont have a website, you could setup a blogger blog like this and put the banner code snippets on it. This is all free to do and it could pay off handsomely. Every person who visits your site will allow you to be credited by the banner exchange website where you got the code from.

You can read all about this great advertising online for free idea at free banner advertising. There is also another page I'd recommend you look at. It tells you a lot more about the best free banner exchanges and how they work and also where to find the snippets of HTML you need - they have diagram that show you easily what to look for.